Questions And Answers

Is this a Legitimate Business?

Yes! Kome Up Klozet is legit. In fact, we started selling our first 1000 items using one of the world most popular ecommerce platforms. We stopped utilizing that platform due to the high fees and other barriers. We decided to start our own online store, hoping it would be efficient and cost effective for our customers by eliminating the middle man.

How Long Have You Been In Business?

We have been in the eComm industry since 2018!

Do You Ship?

Yes, we ship all of our items. As of right now, we don’t offer local pickup. The best thing about our shipping method is that we don’t charge shipping! Everything on our website ships free of charge.

What shippers are you using?

Currently, we are only utilizing USPS. We are looking to expand our shippers soon!

If I purchase something, how long is it going to take to ship?

Shipping typically takes up to 24hrs after your payment has been confirmed.

***Note. After the shipper scans your order we aren’t responsible and will not be held accountable for deliveries past the estimate date. If you notice your order hasn’t arrived and it’s past the estimated delivery date we highly recommend calling the shipper i.e. USPS. If for some reason the package doesn’t show delivered two weeks after the estimated delivery date we will process your refund.***

Do you charge shipping and handling fees?

Everything on our website ships free. There are no handling fees involved.

Do you ship international?

All international customers, please contact us prior to submitting your payment so that we can give you an estimate. Doing so will avoid cancellation of your order. International customer will be responsible for VAT, Duties and Customer Clearances as well as other fees accessed by their country.