About Kome Up Klozet

First we like to thank you for visiting our website. It is an honor to have a wonderful customer, such as yourself, visiting our website. This page was created to share the history behind Kome Up Klozet. Hope you find this page heartwarming!

Kome Up Klozet’s Introductory!

Kome Up Klozet was established in September of 2018. It made its first debut to world on one of the worlds largest online marketplaces near the end of October of 2018. From October 2018 until December of 2019, we were able to serve thousands of customers and was able to purchase a subscription to open a starter store. Once those fees started increasing, we started to see a decrease in profit and needed to do something quick!

So, what was your next move?

After handing over 85% of our profit to cover monthly fees using the marketplace, to break free we decided to build a customer base. This entailed informing them of our future webstore on our packing slips! This store would and is providing the same quality brand name gently used items as well as new items some of which may not be name brand for the fraction of what you would pay in stores!

Kome Up Klozet’s Goal!

Our goal is to continue providing top quality name brand gently used name brand clothing and new unbranded clothing at low prices. Most importantly, we offer free shipping on our products!

Where do you get your inventory?

Our family owned and operated business use many techniques and strategies when it comes to hand picking the best of the best. We carefully hand pick through tons of clothing, accessories and household goods at brick and mortar as well as online outlets. Depending on the condition, we may recondition the item and display them as they should be, with love!

What makes this website different from others?

Kome Up Klozet is different from the others because we are dedicated to bringing the best for less. We extracted the middle man making it easier for our company to sale things 90% less than everyone else! If you don’t believe us, please visit our SHOP page!